Salmon are sub-sampled!

Post date: Mar 5, 2012 10:29:27 PM

All of the 210 salmon caught in 2011 and turned in to DFO have now been sub-sampled. We worked with AAE Tech Services Inc. to get the sub-sampling completed, and they did a fantastic job. To sub-sample the salmon, we take their measurements, scales, otoliths, and samples of their muscle, liver, spleen, kidney, gills, and stomach. This information will be used to try and answer questions such as: Where are these fish coming from? Are they successfully spawning, and if so, where? Are they interacting with local fish species? As these data are analysed, more info will be posted. Also, follow the progress on Facebook!

205 out of the 210 salmon caught this year were chum salmon, also called dog salmon. There were also 3 pink salmon, 1 coho salmon and 1 sockeye salmon.

Here's where the chum salmon were caught (closest community to catch location):