Project Results

We are very grateful for the community members who have turned in salmon to Fisheries and Oceans Canada over the past 10 years, or longer. Only recently, however, has there been enough salmon from enough places in the Canadian Arctic to start addressing any research questions. Starting in September 2011, Karen Dunmall began a PhD thesis which will use these salmon that have been turned in, as well as any others that continue to be turned in, to start to understand the salmon in the Canadian Arctic.

It is important to continue to turn in salmon captured in the Canadian Arctic because the more salmon we have, the more confidence we can have about our results, and the more interesting questions we can try to answer.

Ice fishing in Aklavik, NT, November 2011

So please, continue to report your salmon and obtain your reward.

The steps for us to get results:

1) Get salmon from community members on an on-going basis to continue to build our research platform.

2) Sample the salmon to get all of the parts (fins, scales, muscle, liver, otolith, etc.) necessary for the research.

3) Conduct the analyses using the salmon parts. Many different analyses are done to address different questions.

4) Interpret the data and decide what it means.

5) Report the results back to the communities, and to scientists.

6) Compete to obtain money to do all of this, year after year.

Look at our Latest Progress and the Facebook page for updates on project results.