Salmon Biology

Generally, Pacific salmon are in the Pacific and Atlantic salmon are in the Atlantic. When it comes to the Arctic, Pacific salmon are colonizing from the west and Atlantic salmon may be creeping slowly northward from the east.

The focus of this research project is Pacific Salmon, as they are being caught more often and in more places in the North almost every year.

There are 5 species of Pacific salmon, all of which have been captured in the Northwest Territories.

Chum Salmon is the most common species of salmon captured,

followed by Pink Salmon. Chinook, Sockeye, and Coho Salmon have been captured, although they are significantly more rare. Kokanee salmon, which are landlocked populations of Sockeye Salmon, have also been captured but are exceedingly rare.

For more details about all 5 species of salmon, see our references.

Salmon Eggs