Hudson Bay

Bridging Indigenous and scientific knowledge, we work with communities across Hudson Bay to document the current and historic coastal ecosystem, and monitor for potential changes to come.

These efforts are a component of a broader project, funded by Fisheries and Oceans Canada Results Fund (2019-2022), assessing the resilience of the Hudson Bay ecosystems to change.


  1. Study the coastal ecosystem to better document which species are present, their habitats, and their diets;

  2. Develop a baseline of Indigenous and scientific knowledge of coastal ecosystems in key areas identified as important by communities;

  3. Provide data to Northern partners and management to address knowledge gaps in the coastal ecosystem;

  4. Document Indigenous Knowledge of coastal, lake, and ocean ecosystems.

Bridging Scientific and Indigenous Knowledge

Community-led coastal research and monitoring combined with co-developed local knowledge questionnaires expand knowledge base across space and time and broaden understanding of important areas near the communities. More to come as this expands.